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Initial submission: 3 Business Days

Resubmission: 2-3 Business Days



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Premier Home Mortgage, Inc.

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Corr Closed File Purchase

Correspondent file purchase

To get your file purchased through Premier Home Mortgage, please have the below submission sheet filled out and use as a cover sheet for your scan.

If PHM underwrote your file, please submit the closing package through the website and overnight the note and assignment to the following address:

Premier Home Mortgage, INC.

C/O Correspondent Delivery

3024 Tower Road

Rapid City, SD 57701

If you are a delegated USDA lender and PHM did not underwrite your file, please include the following for file purchase

  • Initial credit package (see forms for min initial required forms)
  • Conditional Commitment from RD
  • Closing package 

Please follow the loan stacking order that is listed on the submission sheet below.  If you have any questions about your file delivery, please email

Please scan your file into a PDF and either submit it or resubmit it through the website.

Please allow up to 7 days for file purchase.


Corr Purchase Submission form     PDF  255.44k    
Corr Review Checklist     PDF  217.54k    
Pre Close VVOE    PDF  79.69k    
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