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Mortgagee Clause

Premier Home Mortgage, Inc.

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Delegated Closing


Below is a list of the closing docs required by Premier Home Mortgage.  We also have closing docs set up with many closing vendors. Please contact your AE to make sure your vendor is set up.

Located at the bottom of the page are specialty disclosures you may need or use.



Allonge endorsing the Note to “Premier Home Mortgage, INC” – Or the note endorsed to Premier Home Mortgage

Bailee Letter (If applicable)

Mortgage / Deed of Trust

Assignment or MERS Data

MERS Cover Sheet

CD (Signed by borrower and seller)

First Payment Letter / First Payment Coupon

Pay History (if received a payment from borrowers

Name Affidavit

Verification of Borrowers Identity (Copy of Driver’s License for all borrowers)

Occupancy Affidavit

Tax Information Sheet

Initial Escrow Disclosure


IRS 4506-T

Final 1003

Rescission (If Refinance)


Compliance Agreement

Transfer of Servicing Notice

Safe Well Water Test (If Applicable)

Undisclosed Debt Disclosure

Termite Inspection (If Applicable)

Any State Disclosures

Any Additional Closing Documents or Disclosures (Final 1003, ECOA, AIR, ETC)

PHM Lock Confirmation

Wire Instructions

For USDA Loans

RD Form 1980-18 & New Construction Inspection

RD Form 1980-19 (Loan Closing Report) & Copy of Guarantee Fee Check to RD

RD Form 1980-21 with all pages executed by borrowers and lender


Note: Your CD/Note/Appraisal/HOI Info must match exactly (S VS South for subject property)

Note: The available and approved fraud prevention tools are as follows: DateVerify, Pitchpoint, Lexus Nexus, LoanSafe, Interthinx

Provide evidence of how any “high risk” warnings were addressed


Assignment to MERS    PDF  457.91k    
MERS Cover Sheet     PDF  336.43k    
Escrow Repair Waiver    PDF  175.28k    
Bailee Letter    PDF  67.38k    
Sample Note and Allonge    PDF  3,094.25k    
Subordination Agreement    PDF  114.81k    
Sample Hello Goodby letter    PDF  128.41k    
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